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Every teacher hates IEPs. Not because our students need them, of course. The only good thing about an IEP is that they benefit our student outcomes. We hate them because the tracking and reporting takes so much time. It’s not just us teachers who hate them either. Administrators, specialists and everyone involved despise the IEP. Of all the special education processes, the IEP is the most dreaded because everything involved is monotonous and time-consuming.


Now, imagine having an IEP tracking solution that can keep every IEP for every student in one place, and lets you record your students’ progress towards each goal in real time, with a single click, as it happens? And then, when reporting time comes around, all you need to do is click a button to generate detailed and informative graphs and progress reports! No more spending hours compiling data from notebooks or post-it notes.


fastIEP is the first and only comprehensive, web-based IEP management solution made by educators, mental health professionals and neuroscientists. You can consolidate individual education plans into one online system quickly and easily. So, what makes fastIEP so special?

Digital tools to make life easier

For all students who are on IEPs, we are required by law to keep detailed documentation on their goals and progress. Herein begins the problem of not having a centralized solution for IEPs and their related education documents. When you have a meeting with your team regarding a student’s learning plan, the last thing you need is to be running around looking for the student records. Instead, with fastIEP, you can easily access the data you need for the meeting in one place.

When you can quickly access the student’s file and progress data, you can send documentation to parents regarding their child quickly without taking up too much of their (or your) precious time. fastIEP is a win-win situation for you, your students and their parents.

The best part is that you can give everyone involved in the IEP process full access to the program to edit, add, and delete data, while giving paraprofessionals limited access to record student progress only. Paraprofessionals can then log any students’ behavior in parallel with the educator they work with, without any worry that data will be misrecorded or lost. Your whole team will love that their job is easier, and it will increase student outcomes when you have all the input from the entire teaching team in real time.

Time-saving, content-rich individualized education plans

Resources for educators are often not designed by educators. So, programs meant to help us tend to lack additional features like:

  • Actionable reporting
  • Custom reports
  • Easy to read, beautiful data charts.

fastIEP is different – it has all of these features. It is clear to see how it can save you time and improve the quality of your teaching by keeping student education records up to date and easy to find. Having data is great, but what good is it if you cannot make it customized or actionable? We need to share data with those who need access and promote a culture of actionable data use.

fastIEP does that by bringing giving you the data you need to focus on lesson preparation. The flexible reporting capabilities in fastIEP will also streamline focus group meetings and IEP eligibility meetings by helping SpEd specialists provide administrators with reports that contain easy-to-read and understandable graphs.

fastIEP makes planning and meeting goals simpler

fastIEP has an intuitive interface, designed to switch between students and log their daily tasks quickly. One-click goal logging makes our program easy to use – and we aggregate the data that worked for other students in your district. You will have anonymized access to solutions that worked for other students with the goal bank.

The goal bank works exceptionally well for large school districts. Every individual student has special needs – so the ability for less experienced teachers to have access to goals that worked for more experienced teachers is priceless. Although this will not replace professional development for student management, it can serve as an indispensable resource. Every educator knows that sharing strategies and techniques work for helping students make progress.

fastIEP is the perfect solution for any public school

Our program has a nearly perfect five-star rating among teachers and school district personnel across America. fastIEP has improved productivity in education settings across the US. Teachers love how much time our program saves them while preparing for a meeting about a student’s individual education program.

The interface and alert system are perfect for the daily school setting because we know that you don’t have all the time in the world to log incidents, make reports, and quickly locate data.

To get started, just sign up for free at and start using our software absolutely free (no credit card required) to make your life easier. The free version never expires, and is fully functional, with no limitations other than limiting you to tracking only two students. Once you’ve tried all the features, if you want to be able to track more than two students, you can sign up for our unlimited version (at $8/month or $80/year), or you can earn free students by referring your colleagues to fastIEP.

We want to help as many SpEd teachers as possible because we understand how life-changing our program can be. Sign up now, it’s completely risk free! You will love the benefits, and the time you regain will allow you to balance your work and home life and have more time to yourself.